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The Very Latest Literary Offering From Zilyon Publishing!!! Rhonny Reaper’s Creature Features Horror Anthology!!!

Welcome, boils and ghouls, to the first edition of Rhonny Reaper’s Creature Features!  The stories within are unique and horrifying, with something sure to satisfy your taste for terror.  Whether you like psychological thrillers, tales of revenge and justice, or just a good ole fashion zombie tale, this book is sure to have something for every horror fan to enjoy. 

And the best thing of all is that $1 from every book sold in any format will go to Diabetes Charities!

Just click the book cover below to order directly from Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Rhonny-Reapers-Creature-Features-Anthology/dp/1936809060/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpi_6 or to get  an eBook in any format there is go to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/37894!

And click here or on “books” at the top of the page to check out other great books from Zilyon Publishing!

Stories and Authors:
indiviDUALITY by Dan Dillard
Tuesdays Suck by Jesse Gable
A Mother’s Love by Rhonda E. Kachur
The Devils of Logan Square by Scott & Sean Kenemore
Zombie World by Calvin A. L. Miller II
The Conqueror Worm by JZ Murdock
The Station by David Naughton-Shires
Radiant by R.D. Penning
Vigor After Death by Lyle Perez-Tinics
The 1207 to Stoningham by Erik Polk
How Much Do I Love Thee by Cinsearae S.
Christmas Wishes by Chris Saunders
The Ugly Side of Pretty by Petra Ylva Steele
Stranded in the Storm by Sean Thompson
Beasts of the Shadows by Holly K. Wood
Cover by: David Naughton-Shires


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  1. Sammy says:

    This looks awesome!