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A Brand New Book from Zilyon Publishing!!! “Living My Nightmare. The Work Of Filmmaker Coven Delacruz.”

Coven Delacruz is the next big thing in horror and film. You can be sure of it. He does it all; writer, director, actor, producer, editor, photographer and eFX master. His outstanding and inspired work has brought him praise, devotion, and admiration from his friends, his fans, all the people he has worked with, and those who have interviewed him. He is the product of a strong work ethic and a desire to be the best at what he loves to do.

This book is about Coven the filmmaker, the artist, the fan, the friend, and the movie lover. It covers his early years, projects (both past, present, and future), awards, life, friends, and some of the secrets behind his filmmaking and amazing eFX.

He is living his dream, or more accurately, his nightmare.  Welcome to it…

To get the awesome new book on Coven click here or on “books” at the top of the page!

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