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Zombies On The Loose!

Zombies On The Loose!
by Tracey Mitchell, kNight Series Online Magazine

Het Madden, A Zombie Perspective is what’s taking over readers! Horror, fiction and gore loving fans want to take more than just a bite out of this popular novel, they want it all!

Zombies have been just as popular for years as vampires and werewolves. “Eat Me!” replaces the famous “Bite Me” when you are talking Zombie lingo. These undead creatures have made famous appearance in movies like Night of The Living Dead, Dead Snow, Dawn of the Dead have kept us all coming back for more flesh eating features. Just haven’t seen a sexy zombie romance…maybe there is one out there and we don’t know about it yet. It would be a little creepy dating a zombie, though. Think about it, with a vampire he wants your blood, but a zombie? OH he really wants to take a BITE out of you!!!

Do the zombies tapped into something deep within us, an unspoken fear about death? Maybe. There is something deep inside most of us that draws us to watch movies these movies. Fear strikes our hearts. Our stomachs do flip-flops, popcorn flies in the air…what more punishment could we ask for? Are we not all searching for that exciting thrill ride into the unknown? Or Is it the dark desire for flesh we really crave?

In Het Madden, A Zombie Perspective by Calvin A. L. Miller II, you really find out what it’s like to be a zombie. The desire to eat flesh and not be eaten is definitely there in this brilliant tale. Fans are hopping all over for dead guys who eat the living. WHY is it they eat the living again? OH yea, it helps with the pain of death. Sorry guys, it’s been awhile since I had on my zombie shoes! The exciting novel has been in the top sales on Kindle for awhile. So if you want a little more gore in your die- et check out this book!

Contact Cal Miller at cal_in_space@yahoo.com.

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